The big day is almost here and you’re preparing to announce your latest funding or product launch. Before you start penning that overly enthusiastic quote, pause for a moment and think about what you really want to say. Sure, you’re proud of your accomplishment, but is your audience really interested to hear that you are thrilled, honored, excited, or even “super excited” [yes, we’ve seen this] to announce, promote or endorse your next news topic?  Will that even create enough impact for target audiences to remember you or your news?

Far too often, quotes in press releases or in media statements begin with a generic expression of excitement. Don’t waste your audience’s time with generic expressions of excitement. These statements add little to the story. Your audience already assumes you’re excited; otherwise, why else would you be making the announcement?

Instead, seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact with your press release by crafting a quote that highlights the significance of your news, resonates with your audience, and positions your company as a leader in your field. That’s how you make your next press release truly compelling.

When crafting your quote, be bold and say something memorable that helps drive the story. This can be accomplished by using strong, impactful language that resonates with your audience. Make your message relatable and engaging, steering clear of jargon and technical terms that might alienate readers. But above all, make sure you explain to your audience why the topic matters to them, what impact it will have on them.

The following example immediately conveys the significance of an announcement and gives reader a reason to pay attention. “The proposed updated guidance for the IRA’s 45X MPTC is a game changer for the industry and makes high-efficiency solar more affordable by incentivizing U.S. manufactured solutions,” said Enteligent CEO and Co-Founder Sean Burke. “Inverter companies in the United States will live or die by this legislation – it’s that simple. Solar inverter companies that don’t take steps to maximize the benefits will be at a complete disadvantage. It’s critical that, as an industry, we understand what the legislation means and how we maximize it to our collective advantage.”

Have more than one audience or more than one message that needs to be conveyed? Don’t stack your quote with multiple messages that will confuse the reader. A better approach is to split the quote, or better yet, split the quote between subject matter experts and strategically place them within your press release.

Quotes are an opportunity to showcase your company’s leadership and expertise. Use them to position your executives as thought leaders in your industry. By sharing insights and perspectives, you can further enhance the credibility and relevance of your announcement.

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