Jeff Bezos Christening Wind Farm


A project developer was celebrating the commissioning of a large wind farm and had sold the energy to be generated by the facility to tech giant Amazon. Mercom seized on the opportunity to leverage Amazon’s brand and that of its CEO – Jeff Bezos – to put on a show and drive interest in the project and its benefits for the local community. We arranged for a Texas-style barbeque that brought the community together to commemorate the occasion, educated media on the project’s economic benefits, and unveiled a new scholarship funded by our client.


The event featured a surprise visit from the high-profile tech company CEO, who climbed to the top of a wind turbine and shattered a champagne bottle. A dramatic video of the display brought more attention to our client’s partnership with the tech giant and touted its ability to build large-scale wind farms.


Mercom managed every detail to make sure the event was executed flawlessly. We oversaw all of the logistics – from catering and site preparation to equipment rentals and coordination with Amazon. The work included managing Bezos’ delicate security situation to ensure that no one knew about his impending appearance in advance, coordinating with security to address all potential security measures, and coordinating with Bezos’ team to perform a dry run before the event.


When we weren’t busy coordinating with Amazon, we were hiring local businesses to underscore our client’s support for the community and creating a brochure of the project’s economic benefits for event attendees. Media interest was drummed up, executive interviews were arranged, and a local politician agreed to speak to commemorate the occasion. In the end, the event was a resounding success, drawing praise from the client, the community, Amazon, and even media.


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