Pivotal Analytics Raises $10.2 Million to Extend Healthcare Analytic Solutions

Azalea, a developer of an electronic health record software, announced its acquisition of healthcare analytics platform dashboardMD, for an undisclosed amount.

According to dashboardMD, its platform offers integrated clinical analytics, as well as financial and operational analytics. The company said that customers use the platform tool for several services, including a daily analytics dashboard, performance scorecards, and predictive healthcare analytics.

Azalea Health offers the electronic health records software that is fully interoperable, cloud-based EHR solution, including telehealth and revenue cycle management solutions, to provide end-to-end patient management from intake to after-care, with easy coding and billing support.

With this acquisition, Azalea plans to boost its analytics offerings.

“Incorporating dashboardMD’s unrivaled analytics capabilities in our clinician-friendly EHR, and bringing Jose in to lead Azalea’s data analytics practice will empower providers to manage clinical quality measures better and have enhanced visibility into their revenue,” said Azalea Health CEO Baha Zeidan.

Baha Zeidan added: “We couldn’t be happier that Jose recognized Azalea as the EHR best positioned to supercharge the healthcare analytics space and help the medical field take a giant step forward through our unparalleled joint offering.”

Azalea, in 2017, acquired Prognosis Innovation Healthcare, a provider of electronic health records to rural and community hospitals, and LeonardoMD, a provider of practice management and electronic health records, for undisclosed amounts.

Azalea says this acquisition boosts its analytics offerings. After the acquisition, the two teams will be working together with Azalea Health’s Baha Zeidan, who continues as CEO of the joint company, and dashboardMD’s CEO Jose Valero, who is coming on as director of analytics.

One hundred thirty-six digital health companies were acquired in the first half of 2021 compared to 83 in 1H 2020, according to the latest Mercom Digital Health Funding and M&A Report.

In a recent deal, Unite Us, a healthcare coordination software company has announced the acquisition of Carrot Health, a consumer data and predictive analytics platform offering engagement insights to payer and provider customers. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.