Top Doctors Raises $13 Million for Healthcare Booking Platform

TopDoctors, an online platform for booking e-consultations with medical specialists, secured $13 million in a funding round from Impact Partners and ICF Venture Tech II.

The Top Doctors platform provides patients with access to medical practitioners (with more than 90,000 experts from 50 specialties) and a reviews system from previous patients. The platform provides doctors with visibility and brand awareness, making it easy for all the patients to find and have easy access to the best experts worldwide.

“According to our internal data, 46% of patients book appointments at clinics in towns or cities outside of where they reside. In other words, they’re travelling sometimes really long distances for specialist medical consultations. Our service allows those in less populated areas to find and communicate with world-class medical specialists and access their expertise remotely,” explains Alberto Porciani, CEO of Top Doctors.

Alberto Porciani added: “This way of accessing healthcare is becoming more accepted as the pandemic drove more people online for their healthcare needs. In fact, throughout 2020, we saw an increase in the number of patients searching for health information on our website, with the number of e-consultations significantly growing as a result of Covid-19.”

The company is projected to generate a turnover of above $16 million in 2021, TopDoctors said in a statement.

The company plans to use the latest capital to strengthen its market leadership in its main markets, helping those who have difficulty accessing the services of medical professionals and supporting doctors in digitalizing their practices.

“When you are looking for the right specialist, it is sometimes difficult to make the right decision with the amount of disaggregated information available. Moreover, sometimes they’re not suitable when you find one, and you need to look for someone else. Top Doctors simplifies this process and makes access simple and accurate for everyone”, said Emilio Gómez Jané of Institut Català de Finances.

Online healthcare appointment booking companies have raised $334 in the first half of 2021. Online doctor’s appointment booking platform Solv Health announced the close of its $45 million Series C funding round led by Acrew Capital and Corner Ventures. Sprinter Health, an online platform for booking at-home lab appointments, raised $33 million in Series A funding.