Linus Health Raises $55 Million for Remote Brain Health Monitoring

Linus Health, an AI-powered remote brain health monitoring platform for care professionals, announced a $55 million Series B funding round led by existing investors.

According to the company, the latest funds will enable it to grow its team and expand its remote brain health monitoring platform. The company’s platform offers a non-invasive method to assess cognitive health, including pre-symptomatic detection of cognitive impairment, which optimizes interventional outcomes and advances research capabilities.

Linus’s smartphone or tablet-based brain health solution collects objective data from multiple digital measures of cognitive and motor function (digital biomarkers) and translates this data into actionable insights, the company said in a statement.

The platform allows care professionals to monitor brain health remotely and conveniently over extended periods, even outside clinical settings. It collects, aggregates, and analyzes information drawn from data points like voice and speech patterns, visuospatial memory, dual-tasking ability, and fine motor control, as well as movement, balance, and pulmonary capacity and can link with electronic health records to provide a comprehensive picture of individuals’ brain health.

“The entire Linus Health team and its investors feel an incredible amount of responsibility to develop and perfect the rapid early detection of subtle changes that can presage cognitive decline,” said David Bates, Linus Health CEO.

David Bates added: “Linus’s multimodal digital tools are designed to be easily scalable and accessible, lowering the cost of care dramatically while detecting symptoms earlier than traditional testing, and at the ideal time for an intervention. Early detection is the first step in addressing cognitive decline, and Linus Health is providing the foundation to deliver screening and specialist insights into primary care globally.”

Remote patient monitoring companies received $356 million in seven funding deals compared to $65 million in one funding deal, according to Mercom’s Digital Health Q1 2021 Funding Report.

Recently, Huma Therapeutics, a remote patient monitoring platform, announced the completion of its latest Series C funding round of approximately $130 million.