accuRx Raises $38 Million for Healthcare Messaging App

accuRx, a secure messaging app developer that allows doctors to communicate with patients instantly, announced a $38 million Series B funding round.

Lakestar led the round with British Patient Capital, Latitude VS, Atomico, Trusted Insight, and Encore Capital.

According to the company, the newly raised funds will allow it to grow its team and build products that will enable expansion into secondary care. It plans to develop a system-wide infrastructure that provides NHS communication outside of GP systems such as accuRx Web, which currently has 11,000 weekly active users in non-GP settings, including hospitals, pharmacies, and care homes.

Dr. David Triska, the GP partner at Witley and Milford Surgeries, said: “accuRx’s product has reinvigorated communication with our patients, enabling a better relationship between GPs and patients, which has ultimately led to better care provision.”

“Our patients now have the confidence that they’re getting speedy and accurate responses from our team, and the use of regular Florey questionnaires to gather more information from our patients has been transformative for clinical record keeping and the care we provide.”

accuRx said its app is used by 98% of GP practices in England and some secondary care providers.

Jacob Haddad, CEO, and co-founder of accuRx said: “We believe that healthcare is a communication industry, and when healthcare teams can communicate easily, they can deliver even better patient care. We’re proud to have become a critical piece of infrastructure for general practice in the UK, and they’ve used us to message over 60% of the population.”

“We’ve built a great foundation, and we’re building products fast and at scale, which is incredibly reliable and user-focused. We’ve got an exciting roadmap to deliver more value to general practice and grow our adoption across the healthcare system,” added Jacob Haddad.

mHealth Apps focused on Care & Communication raised almost $600 million during the first half of 2021, according to the recently released Mercom’s 1H 2021 Digital Health Funding and M&A Report.