Top Funded Digital Health Categories in 9M 2020

Digital Health companies have attracted more than 5,000 investors since 2010, and according to Mercom data, almost 1,600 of them have made more than one investment.

Over the years, investment trends have shifted from practice-centric technologies to consumer-focused technologies.

The top investors are some of the most prominent VCs from Silicon Valley.

Here is the list –

Top Digital Health Investors by Dollars:

GV (formerly Google Ventures), Alphabet’s venture capital investment arm, has invested almost $2 billion in over 40 digital health companies. GV typically invests in established growth-oriented companies and later-stage rounds. It has invested in apps focused on healthcare data analytics, telemedicine, care, communication, fitness, and wellness. The investment portfolio includes Kindbody, Verana Health, Quartet Health,, and Owkin.

Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in growth-oriented companies, has made nearly $2 billion in investments in almost 40 digital health companies. Typically, the firm invests in mHealth apps, fitness trackers, analytics & data warehousing applications. The investment portfolio includes Tencent Trusted Doctors, Health Catalyst, WuXi Nextcode, Maven, and Infervision.

Khosla Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in healthcare and technology startups, has participated in the most number of digital health deals to date. The firm has invested almost $1 billion in over 60 digital health startups. The portfolio covers technologies, including mHealth apps, mobile wireless devices & wearable fitness and activity trackers, and data analytics tools. The Investments portfolio includes Yes Health, Sword Health, Eight Sleep, Ginger, and Hello Heart.

Founders Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology startups, has invested over $1 billion. The firm invested in smart wearable trackers, mobile-connected medical devices, remote monitoring, and telehealth technologies. The latest investments include Tempo, Siren Care, Scanwell Health, Naked Labs, and Virta Health.

Norwest Venture Partners, a venture and growth equity investment firm, has made close to $1 billion investment in more than 30 digital health companies in wellness, fitness, telemedicine, healthcare practice management, analytics, and data warehousing. The investment portfolio includes Robin Healthcare, Omada Health, Talkspace (formerly Talktala), NextHealth Technologies, and Health Catalyst.

Venrock, a venture capital firm that invests in technology and healthcare service and telemedicine startups, has made approximately $1 billion investment in 30 digital health companies. The investment portfolio includes Lyra Health, Suki (formerly known as Robin AI), Virta Health, Element Biosciences, and Kyruus.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA), a venture capital firm that invests across multiple industries, has invested over $700 million in 30 digital health companies. Typically, NEA invests in social health, fitness, wellness, and analytics apps. The investment portfolio includes Cleo, GOQii, Tempus, WellTok, and Pager.

Healthcare technology-focused venture capital firm HLM Venture Partners has invested nearly $500 million in more than 30 digital health companies developing clinical and business intelligence tools, analytics solutions, telemedicine & fitness apps. The investment portfolio includes LetsGetChecked, RubiconMD, Carevive Systems, AbleTo, and mPulse Mobile.

GE Ventures, the venture capital arm of General Electric, invested over $500 million in 30 digital health companies. GE typically invests in analytics, fitness, wellness, and medical imaging apps. The investment portfolio includes Genome Medical, Evidation Health, Verana Health, Vineti, and Arterys.

Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (Merck GHI), Merck’s corporate venture capital division, invested over $500 million in more than 25 digital health startups. Merck GHI invests in healthcare security software providers, connected medical devices, clinical decision support, and care and communication apps; the investment portfolio includes Syapse, Ayogo Health, Strata Oncology, Livongo Health, and Prognos (formerly Medivo).

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