Lightsource bp Closes Tax Equity Investment Deal for 481 MW Solar Projects

Spain-based renewable energy group Bruc has acquired six new solar photovoltaic power generation plants with a cumulative capacity of 384 MW from independent renewable energy producer Opdenergy.

The assets are part of the 1,101 MW portfolio agreed upon between the two companies in August 2021 for the sale and purchase of 20 solar photovoltaic power generation plants.

Bruc has acquired projects located in the provinces of Cádiz (116 MW), Zaragoza (60 MW), Teruel (114 MW), and Palencia (94 MW) in Spain.

With the delivery of the six plants, Opdenergy has transferred a total of 662 MW.

The 384 MW solar projects are in addition to the 278 MW capacity which have already been handed over to Bruc recently. These assets are located in the provinces of Seville, Soria, and Zaragoza.

The remaining projects of 439 MW capacity is under development.

Bruc currently owns 8,600 MW with access rights to the transmission grid, of which 1,100 MW are either already operational or at an advanced stage of construction.

The company said it believes that an energy transition towards a decarbonized economy is urgently required, and part of this transition relies on the development of clean energies.

The company’s mission is to generate attractive investment opportunities in the field of renewable energies with the aim of contributing to the sustainability of energy supply systems and substantially reducing their environmental impact.

Opdenergy is an independent renewable energy producer in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

The company develops, finances, and operates high-quality renewable energy projects in several countries and works towards the decarbonization of energy in the different countries in which it operates.

Opdenergy has a portfolio of 1.8 GW of assets in operation and under construction. It has an additional portfolio of 12 GW of projects in different stages of development.

In July, Opdenergy signed a green financing agreement of €350 million (~$356.4 million) with BBVA and the European Investment Bank for the construction and commissioning of 605 MW of a solar PV portfolio located in Spain.