Q2 2024

Regenerate Technology Global, a company specializing in the advanced recycling of batteries and related high-value materials, acquired Infinion SARL, a Luxembourg-based battery recycling company that owns and operates two battery service companies in Sweden.

The acquisition of Infinion, slated to finalize in early April, adds to Regenerate’s existing portfolio, which includes battery technology and processing facilities in Bologna, Italy, and Glasgow, Scotland.

Through its operating companies in Sweden, Infinion operates a 204,000-square-foot facility situated in Kolbäck, outside of Västerås City. The company aims to address the global challenge of battery disposal by offering a state-of-the-art process to ensure the recovery of valuable materials from used batteries and scrap metal waste.

Dr. David Batstone, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Regenerate, stated, “Our expanding network of facilities and our growing portfolio of valuable technologies ensure a robust and scalable solution to battery recycling, crucial for supporting the increasing global demand for sustainable energy sources.”

Addressing the critical need for cleaner, sustainable solutions for the billions of tons of batteries that reach the end of their lifecycle each year, Dr. Batstone added, “Sustainable practices are not just necessary; they are the future. There are very few players in the battery sector that can offer environmentally beneficial solutions for different types of batteries and across multiple countries. Our expanding ecosystem and ability to scale is our strength. We are approached with new client opportunities almost daily and we are actively engaged in securing growth capital to meet this overwhelming demand.”

According to Mercom’s  Annual and Q4 2023 Funding and M&A Report for Storage & Smart Grid, 15 energy storage companies were acquired in 2023, compared to 28 in 2022.

Gotion High-Tech, a Chinese battery conglomerate, acquired a 25% stake in InoBat, a Slovakian battery company. Inobat specializes in high-performance NMC batteries with its proprietary C2C circular value-chain development platform.