Q1 2019 Funding and M&A Report for Storage, Grid & Efficiency

Q1 2019 Funding and M&A Report for Storage, Grid & Efficiency


A Combined $210 million was raised in Q1 2019

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Mercom found that in Q1 2019, a combined $210 million was raised by Battery Storage, Smart Grid, and Energy Efficiency companies, a decrease from the $472 million raised in Q1 2018.

Battery Storage

Venture capital (VC) funding (including private equity and corporate venture capital) raised by Battery Storage companies in Q1 2019 came to $78 million in seven deals down significantly compared to $299 million raised in 12 deals in Q1 2018 but up quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) compared to $67 million in 11 deals in Q4 2018.

Utility and oil and gas funds were active investors in Battery Storage and Smart Grid companies in Q1 2019, including Tokyo Electric Power, Total Energy Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Centrica, and Shell Ventures.

There were four M&A transactions involving Battery Storage companies in Q1 2019, of which only one disclosed its transaction amount. There were four undisclosed M&A transactions in Q1 2018.

Smart Grid

VC funding for Smart Grid companies decreased in Q1 2019 with $32 million in 15 deals compared to $266 million in nine deals in Q4 2018. In Q1 2018, $75 million was raised in seven deals. The decrease in funding was largely due to ChargePoint’s $240 million deal in the fourth quarter.

Thirty-two investors participated in Smart Grid VC funding rounds this quarter with Smart Charging companies raising the most.

Nine M&A transactions were announced in Q1 2019, of which one disclosed the transaction amount, compared to three undisclosed transactions in Q4 2018. In a YoY comparison, there was one undisclosed M&A transaction in Q1 2018.


VC funding raised by Energy Efficiency companies in Q1 2019 was $100 million in one deal compared to $1.2 billion in seven deals in Q4 2018. The prior quarter total was skewed due to View’s $1.1 billion deal. In a YoY comparison, $98 million was raised in four deals in Q1 2018.

Five investors participated in VC funding this quarter.

In Q1 2019, there was one M&A transaction (disclosed) while in Q4 2018, there were four M&A transactions (one disclosed). In Q1 2018, there was one undisclosed M&A transaction in the Energy Efficiency sector.

Mercom Capital Group’s Battery Storage, Smart Grid, and Efficiency Funding and M&A Reports are comprehensive high-quality reports delivering superior insight, market trends and analysis. These reports help bring clarity to professionals in the current financial landscape of the smart grid industry.

The Quarterly Funding and M&A Reports contain QoQ information on market activity displayed in easy-to-digest charts, graphs and tables, as well as data-driven analysis covering:

  • Venture capital funding deals including top investors, QoQ trends, and a breakdown of charts and graphs by stage;
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  • Debt and other funding deals;
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  • Battery and storage funding deals;
  • Smart Grid funding deals;
  • Energy Efficiency funding deals;
  • New cleantech funds;

This report also contains comprehensive lists of all announced deals and transactions during the quarter, including:

  • VC deals and investors;
  • M&A transactions and acquirers;
  • New cleantech funds.

There were 106 companies and investors covered in this report. The report is 78 pages in length and contains 74 charts, graphs and tables.