Mercom Capital Group Releases Financing and Merger and Acquisition Report on Health Care IT for First Quarter 2010

Disclosed investment in the sector totaled $82 million out of eight transactions. Health Care IT merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions in the first quarter was $618 million in six disclosed deals out of a total of 27 deals.

Forms of investment included venture capital (VC) funding, financing and loans, with VC investment coming in at $45 million in five deals and other financing and loans totalling $37 million in three deals. Significant investments in Health Care IT include a $30 million VC funding for PatientSafe Solutions Inc. and a $31 million credit facility for Harden Heathcare, llc.

Raj Prabhu, Managing Partner, Mercom Capital Group, commented, “Mercom has expanded its reporting beyond venture capital transactions to include other types of financing and M&A transactions. This gives companies a truer picture of what is happening in the world of finance as it relates in the healthcare IT sector. M&A activity was strong in the HIT sector as we are seeing the market consolidation happen.”

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