Wearable Startup Chronolife Closes New Round of Funding

Chronolife, maker of an artificial intelligence-powered wearable smart t-shirt that monitors physiological parameters, received an undisclosed amount of funding from iBionext, Adrea, and Celeste Management.

The latest funds will help to launch its products in commercial markets.

Wearable sensor companies have raised close to $3 billion in VC funding since 2010, according to Mercom data.

“The Nexkin™ T-shirt makes accurate, unobtrusive continuous health monitoring both affordable and convenient across a wide range of industries and functionalities, from pharmaceutical testing to senior care,” said Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife in a company press release. “By combining wearable electronics with advanced AI-powered analytics, we’re delivering biometric monitoring capabilities that will revolutionize the way researchers and healthcare professionals will eventually interact with patients.”

The company’s core offering is a patented, wearable shirt with a companion app for patients suffering from chronic heart failure. The wearable shirt embedded with multiple sensors is intended to collect continuous medical-grade data on six different bio-signals: electrocardiogram, abdominal and thoracic breathing, physical activity, pulmonary impedance, and body temperature. The data collected is analyzed by using unique neuromorphic algorithms to predict abnormalities in patients and intervene promptly.

“AI and wearable technologies are dramatically changing the healthcare and research sectors, and Chronolife is at the very forefront of that movement,” said Bernard Gilly, executive chairman of iBionext in a company press release. “This commercial launch is just the beginning: the potential applications for the Nexkin™ T-shirt are almost endless.”

Similar technologies that received funding:

Sarvint Technologies, a developer of a sensor-laden smart shirt that monitors vital signs, raised $6 million.

Palarum, an integrated solution that monitors patient movement using a patented smart textile fabric that is enhanced with the various Internet of Things technologies, secured $3.4 million.

Hexoskin (Carre Technologies), a developer of smart clothing for health monitoring, secured $1.32 million.