One of Mercom’s clients hired a well-known local web development firm to design its new website. Throughout the process, the functionality of the website was consistently well below our client’s expectations and any design work or direction was non-existent. After the client’s feedback and subsequent revisions, the web developers informed the client that their contractual obligations were complete and abandoned the project. Our client was left with a non-functioning, slightly-modified WordPress template that was languishing on a development server.


Mercom then stepped in to pick up the pieces and pull the project together. Working with our highly-skilled team of designers, programmers and project managers, Mercom developed graphics and images consistent with the client’s brand, and created the features and functionality that the client required for their new site. The launch of the new website was a success and Mercom continues to “own” the client’s site, performing regular updates and incorporating additional functionality and design to keep the website fresh.


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