A software company with strong brand awareness and product penetration in the West was preparing to launch its solar-focused products and services in the Indian market. Since India is an extremely challenging market for outsiders to navigate, the company knew it needed a partner that was intimately familiar with the country’s solar sector.


Mercom’s strong position as a leading communications firm and thought leader in India made it the most qualified choice to spearhead the effort. We supported our client’s expansion by first extensively researching their product offerings and then identifying key decision makers at India’s top solar project developers. Then, we arranged a meeting‑packed two-day roadshow with the prospects who were most likely to be receptive, confident that they would both understand the client’s offerings and have the authority to engage in sales discussions.


Mercom ultimately set up more than twice the number of meetings that the client was expecting during the short trip and, because we engaged the right people at the right companies, the client walked away with three immediate proposal opportunities in hand.


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