Mercom Funding
Mercom Funding


A cleantech startup had developed a new power conversion technology and found itself needing to attract the attention of customers to validate its science. It was also searching for an investment partner to shore up its finances so it could commercialize what would become the first of its many products.


The young company was having a hard time attracting funding, so  Mercom stepped in and turned things around by raising its profile and acting as investor relations liaison.


We positioned the company as a disruptive technology, successfully established its CEO as an industry expert, and secured the attention of leading analysts. This was followed by a PR barrage that featured articles in Tier 1 media, high-profile awards, speaking spots, and numerous contributed articles on the new technology.


Once interest in the company had been piqued, we drew on our deep wealth of industry connections and leveraged our relationships to find an interested financial group. We then liaised between the two entities and convinced the financial firm to back the emerging company and spearhead the IPO.


The startup ultimately secured the funding it needed to commercialize its product and cover the next two years of working capital. Since then, the company’s technology has gained broad industry acceptance. The client had a follow-on stock offering a few years later.


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