An investment bank was in need of a partner that could raise its profile in the financial marketplace.  It needed a communications firm that understood finance, intellectual property (IP) and disruptive technologies and knew how to communicate the value of IP.


The CEO turned to Mercom after seeing how our work has transformed clients in the financial sector and we jumped right in to initiate strategies that elevated the company to the next level.


We positioned the CEO and CIPO as industry experts and empowered them with the ability to capture and sustain interest from Tier 1 national media. The effort included the creation of a must-have IP research tool for leading media and the implementation of an aggressive daily outreach program that kept its executives on the minds of reporters as “the expert” to call.


Articles about our client appeared in the pages of the WSJ, NYT, BusinessWeek, CNET, Bloomberg, Techcrunch, Forbes, AP and more, resulting in millions of dollars in ad values. The strategy enabled our client to thrive and positioned it as a leading intellectual property investment bank.


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