Mercom technology commercialization

Early stage research done by one of the world’s largest aerospace technology companies uncovered a superior flow battery technology that outperformed the status quo by avoiding some of the most pressing technical challenges faced by established market players. A new battery technology company was formed to develop a product to commercialize this unique technology. But to sell it, the new company needed to change prevailing perceptions of flow batteries.


The company worked with Mercom in the early stages of commercialization to develop brand name recognition and educate audiences about the value proposition of its revolutionary zinc-redox flow battery technology. We tailored meticulously crafted messaging to target audiences and employed tools such as press releases, strategically placed articles, webinars, high‑profile speaking engagements, and more to deliver the client’s key messaging. This allowed the brand to break through the noise and establish itself as a market leader.


Today, our client is recognized as one of the leading flow battery companies in the world. Mercom’s work has positioned its executives as thought leaders and garnered significant coverage from industry, financial, and Tier 1 media. Our efforts have also netted the company many high-profile awards, including Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, Top 20 Energy Storage Disruptor, and the First EES Award for Energy Storage.


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