Windfall: From Start-up to Industry Leader/

How Mercom’s industry knowledge helped establish a client as an industry leader


Working with a global mega-agency can sound alluring. But for Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE), it meant being passed around between junior account executives who didn’t have the industry experience they needed to understand the client and deliver results.


LCE was building one of America’s first and largest wind company and they deserved more attention as a burgeoning industry leader.

Client Challenge

LCE wanted a PR firm with deep industry knowledge and could get them in front of the right people who understood the value they brought to the industry.

Mercom Solution

The company turned to Mercom to be their trusted counselor and agency of record. Mercom developed a program that would influence key stakeholders, build thought leadership through high-profile speaking engagements, and shape conversations through influential media coverage.


LCE became such a force in the U.S. wind market that Ørsted, the global leader in wind energy, eventually bought it for a record valuation of $500 million.


The CEO has since returned and engaged Mercom for his next venture.