Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace/

How Mercom Helped Kakatiya go from Start-up to Industry Leader


Kakatiya Energy Systems produces sophisticated automated lighting control systems that leapfrog existing technology with patented cost-effective and environmentally friendly designs that save energy and improve safety.

Client Challenge

Kakatiya entered an Indian electricity market that suffered frequent power shortages and transmission line losses due to inefficient lighting management. Relying on a combination of human control and outdated automation technology, the system wasted an enormous amount of power annually.


As a start-up, the company was both relatively unknown and faced numerous competitors in the sector with similar energy efficiency products.


To stand out, Kakatiya’s superior technology needed to take center stage for businesses, government subdivisions, and other organizations with large lighting loads while simultaneously attracting potential investors and strategic partners.

Mercom Solution

In a marketplace where even large lighting load customers don’t always recognize the need for improved technology, Mercom felt that Kakatiya needed to first make audiences understand the energy waste associated with human centred controls and “dumb” automation systems.


Mercom educated key target audiences on energy efficiency and cost savings while positioning Kakatiya as a vital energy management innovator.


To raise the company’s profile and attract potential investors and strategic partners, Mercom highlighted Kakatiya leadership with government decision-makers, large corporations and investors.


Mercom raised awareness of the client’s new brand messaging and value proposition by securing significant media coverage across several Indian mainline, business, and trade publications while also reinforcing its leadership position and innovative technology.


In addition to coverage in online and print publications, Mercom placed strategic bylined articles that further positioned company executives as thought leaders in energy management.


Finally, Mercom helped Kakatiya stand out with the orchestration of a rebrand that resonated with target audiences.


Kakatiya has gone from an unknown to a recognized leader in the energy management vertical. Every year more than 55 Million Units of electricity is being saved by Nature Switches globally.


With Mercom’s help, Kakatiya was able to attract new customers and secured significant market share in automated lighting technology.