Making a Splash/

Mercom client announces partnership with a global e-commerce retailer


The onshore wind company Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE) wanted to celebrate the commissioning of a large wind farm that represented a major milestone for the company.

Client Challenge

LCE was selling the electricity from their new wind farm to Amazon and Mercom leaped at the chance to leverage its partnership with the e-commerce brand to throw a memorable event.

Mercom Solution

Mercom arranged a Texas-style barbeque that brought together the community, helped educate the media about LCE and presented an opportunity to unveil a new scholarship funded by LCE. But it was the surprise visit from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos that stole the show. Bezos did not simply show up for a quick meet-and-greet; he christened a wind turbine with a champagne bottle.


A dramatic video of the moment was produced to generate excitement and bring attention to LCE’s world-class wind farm.


Organizing the Bezos visit was no easy task. Mercom had to coordinate with Amazon, ensure the appearance was kept a tight-lipped secret, navigate the multibillionaire’s delicate personal security and quarterback a dry run of the christening.


Beyond Amazon, Mercom also hired local businesses for the event to underscore our client’s community support, drummed up local and national media interest and organized interviews with LCE executives, and hosted a local politician to give a speech.


The event was executed flawlessly and exceeded the client’s goals: to drive interest in the project, demonstrate its benefits for the local community, and bring the community together. Mercom received praise from the client, the community, Amazon, and the media.