Disrupting a Category with Smart Technology/

How Mercom established a client as a thought leader on groundbreaking energy technology


Micatu is a developer of optical sensing technology that disrupts the way data is measured on energy grids by increasing accuracy and enabling grid operators to address problems before they start.

Client Challenge

Despite its benefits, potential customers were afraid to try out new technology due to tight budgets and an aversion to new, unknown technology, so they were staying with their slower, less reliable, and more dangerous sensors.


Micatu engaged Mercom to help educate on the benefits of this new technology to potential customers that were hesitant to upgrade their current systems.

Mercom Solution

Mercom developed a strategic thought leadership campaign to position Micatu and its executives as innovators whose technology bridges the gap between today’s analog infrastructure tomorrow’s digital electric grid.

Mercom successfully introduced Micatu’s technology platform to a focused target audience through a series of white papers, webinars, strategically placed media, and pursued prestigious award opportunities at high profile industry conferences that reached the right stakeholders.

This led to awards such as the highly coveted S&P Platt’s Global Energy Award.


The industry sat up and took notice. Mercom secured over 500 media mentions and over 75 earned media placements and bylined articles across trade media. We secured six speaking roles and helped the client win the Commercial Technology of the Year award at the S&P Platts, the equivalent of the “Oscars” for the energy industry.