Big Bet Pays Off: Entering New Industry and Coming Out on Top/

Mercom powers Powin to leadership in a new category


Powin was a powerhouse multi-sector OEM with a 20+ year history and an enviable logistics network that spanned the U.S., China, and Taiwan, but the company’s leadership team could see the direction the renewable energy market was headed and decided to pivot and focus on C&I, utility-scale, and microgrid battery storage, a huge gamble as their energy storage division was only the size of a small start-up.

Client Challenge

While Powin had developed a reputation in traditional OEM manufacturing, it was now betting on an entirely new vertical. The company needed to quickly ramp up their services, prove that an OEM could produce high-quality energy storage products, and position Powin as a premier energy storage company.

Mercom Solution

Despite being a small player in the category, Mercom recognized that Powin possessed a competitive advantage: a sophisticated battery management software paired with a unique business model.

To gain the industry’s trust, Mercom targeted analysts and journalists to showcase the software as a true differentiator.

Mercom established Powin as an industry thought leader and boosted peer confidence by securing speaking slots at leading industry events.

We were also successful at securing premium article placements to lift the profile of Powin executives and build their personal energy storage expert brand.


Through our efforts, Powin secured a foothold as a leading developer of advanced energy storage technology for large C&I and utility-scale applications, to become an essential backbone of the microgrid industry.

Today, Powin is no longer an OEM manufacturer. Mercom Capital helped grow a small, forward-looking department into a leading battery storage company – the core business of the brand.